Our Second Day at PGL

We are having an awesome time – the disco was tiring and we all slept well! Hannah did the abseiling!
From Lilly Amy Alex Abbie and Millie

photo2Here we are canoeing. We jumped in even mrs Michalowska! The water was freezing!
By Amelia B

photo3The breakfast this morning is awesome!
By Alfie Ben and Jack

photo4I’ve been rifle shooting and I got one in the middle, one just above and one right at the top of the target. The man said I was a good shooter!


photo5Before I started to climb I thought it would be easy and then when I was half way up I got really scared. Everyone cheered and called my name so I kept going to the top! Now I feel really shocked and happy that I did it.



13 thoughts on “Our Second Day at PGL

  1. Marcus, I’m glad you made it to the top! Well done to all your friends for helping with all their cheering and encouragement. I have been up one of those poles and I know how much they wobble and test your courage. 🙂

  2. hey Lilly,Alex,Ben and everyone else 🙂 hope you have had an amazing time at PGL !!!! cant wait , your coming back 🙂 it hasent been the same without everyone 🙁 but we have been getting up to some fun stuff aswell 🙂 can you ost some more pics plz 🙂 thnx xx Nadia xxxxxx

  3. Did you do all of the stuff Alex ??? how was it ??? miss you !! breakfast looks nice x lol . your coming back today !! yaaaaaaaay from Nadia xxx

  4. Lovely to have news and to be able to see some of the activities you have been up to. It all looks a lot of fun! Can’t wait to hear all about it!!

  5. We are so glad you are enjoying yourselves, and had the opportunity to try so many activities, you are all very brave! Lovely to see you have had good weather too. Safe journey home.

    The Jesse Family x

  6. It sounds like you are all having an amazing time- I’m really jealous! Wish I could try some of those activities. Safe journey tomorrow and look forward to seeing you when you arrive back at school
    (give me a wave in the office) 🙂
    From Mrs Palmer (Lilly’s Mum)

  7. Sounds like you all had another fun packed day. Well done Hannah for the abseiling, very proud of you. X Brilliant photos. Hope you all enjoy your time left. X

  8. Well done Marcus, that is true courage. It looks like you are all having an incredible time. Great to see the blue sky and sun for you as well. I hope that you are all looking after the adults and making sure they get some sleep!

    School is very quiet without you, looking forward to seeing you and hearing about your adventures

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