Millie and Sumedh

Dr. Drake walked into the flower shop. Under the grown branches covering the ceiling , a majestic, rose buffet stood. Without thinking , he bought some flowers just for the relaxing smell. Dr. Drake slammed the lab door behind him . Placing them on a shelf, he accidently knocked some chemicals that he stored above the buffet. The blue liquid dripped onto the colourful roses. Suddenly, green, thorny shoots shot out of the roses, breaking the pot. The buffet was alive. The shoots slashed Dr. Drake killing him. The plant broke the metal door. The green shoots could just be seen…

Jeban & Jessica Year 5

         Three Green Shoots

Some people do not believe this but once there was a tropical jungle that had lots of trees and plants. In a faraway village the men had run out of wood so they came to the jungle to get some more, but they got greedy and destroyed the jungle. In the end there was nothing left of the tropical jungle (that`s what they believe). The destroyed jungle had one chance to grow something, that something was little! One day a girl was walking and she saw three green shoots that could just be seen. She thought it was a miracle.

By Jessica and Jeban

Alfie and Lilly year 5

The magic flower

Finally, the day had come. It was Charlie’s birthday. Quickly he slipped out of bed and proudly marched to his parent’s bedroom, to open his presents. Charlie was really hoping that he would receive poppy seeds and he did, they were tiny but he knew they would make big difference to his garden.  Charlie sprinted to the garden to plant his beautiful seeds.

After a while the green shoots could just be seen! That night the magic started to begin. The flower’s petals started to glow purple! The next day he told his parents, who didn’t believe him so it was his secret.

Edmund and Thomas Year5

The little oasis

In the scorching desert he sun beamed down like a diamond. Francis and Alex were stranded in the middle of nowhere. They had brought lots of food and water but had eaten it all for the past 2 weeks. The two decided to find food but all they found was a seed they planted it and after a day the green shoots could just be seen. As the flower grew it began to spit out water and more seeds of different kinds. When they had all grown there was lots of food and water for the two but Francis got lost and was never seen again.

Jenni and Ernest

The green shoot could just be seen poking out of the snow. A few months later when it was fully grown, berries and anything you could wish for, started growing on the branches. Around the magical tree flowers of all kinds sprouted from the ground. Soft, fragrant petals littered the lush, green grass. A warm spring breeze tickled my face. Harmoniously, the birds tweeted whilst squirrels bounced from tree to tree as lively as a buzzard that drank coffee. Trees started to create different shapes, then dancing all around the forest. It soon turned to winter and the tree shrank back into a seed.

The Lost Key Lilly P and Jack R year 5

                                      The lost key


The grass was all frosty next to the abandoned house. An old man once left the house untidy and even some of it had rotted away and leafless trees stood all around it. When the man had left this revolting house, on his way out he dropped a beautiful, gold key. Months later a young lady was strolling by the abandoned house and saw the key. She leant over it and picked up. She went into the house and the key didn’t fit any key hole. She saw a wooden trap door in the floor. The key fitted! It was full of expensive gold…………

Ben m and Jessica wray common year 5

Yesterday on a bitter cold day a old silver door key was laying on a patch of frosty, white grass. Next to a grand oak tree a girl was sitting on a bench and saw something shine and glitter in the grass. She picked it up and stared at it for a few minutes and ran home to tell her mum. Her mum was surprised because she knew it was for a Victorian door. She went to the museum and ask were the house is for the key. At the museum they said it was 22 waterloo road. She went to the house and she saw that there was a door under the stairs. She opened it and she saw?

Annabelle and Nathan The key

Frost covered the green field, no one ever entered that mysterious place. Until that day a boy stood in a corner of the field, he found a key saying 21 Grave Yard Rd. He thought, then he boomed out that’s the abandoned house everyone is saying is haunted! That night he walked to the haunted house. Surprisingly the door was wide open, he stepped through nervously when he saw a ghost swoop down from the broken staircase. He tried to run away but the door slammed shut. The walls closed in on him. The celling closed down on him BANG he was never seen again.            


Edmund and Tom Year 5 Wray Common Primary School The key to the lost city of Fracse

The key to the lost city of Fracse

Above the Earth there was a key to the lost city of Fracse where years of peace reigned. After many years of happiness the key fell down to Earth and there soon began an era of war. Ted, a poor boy, was walking joyfully in the park while snowflakes drifted down. Then he saw a silver key lying on the ground. He picked it up. Soon he was transported to a land beyond. He read the sign above a gate that appeared before him F-R-A-C-S-E it said and he saw a keyhole just in front of him. He put the key in and saw a land …

Jeban & Subodh Year 5


A cold winter morning Fred woke up with a shiver up his spine, he yawned then got dressed for work in his clothes. When he had finished his breakfast he went to get his key, it was actually behind the sofa, but he did not know that. Several minutes pasted and he could not still find the key it was now 6:00am , Fred knew that he would be late for work so he went to the house phone and lied to his boss and said he was sick when that whole time the key was behind the red sofa.

Georgia and Liam

The grass was frosty, water turned into ice and everyone was in their homes with the fire lit. Liam was walking his dog Maple, in the meadows. He spotted a shiny key lying on the grass. Before Liam could pick it up a magpie swooped down and took the key to his nest. Liam decided to chase the devious bird and take the key. He ran to the old frosty tree where the magpie had built his nest. Liam climbed that tree and stole the key from the magpie and ran all the way back to his house with Maple.