Court Room Final Verdict…Breaking News

Pigs are found innocent!

After a tough week and a lot of speculation the big day finally arrived. The courtroom was full of tension and anxiety as the 3 pigs entered. There were shouts of ‘innocent’ and ‘guilty’ from the stands and at one point the judge gave Mrs Fine a final warning or she would be held in contempt of court. Judge Darnell said “this is one of the toughest cases I have ever held in court, especially with all the reports in the media through the newspapers and blogs this week”. Despite this pressure, Judge Darnell acted very well and kept his court in perfect order.

The prosecution went first – their three main points were:

1)      The poor wolf had suffered all his life from allergies and the report from Dr. Duck showed the wolf had asthma.

2)      Character statements describe the wolf as the most admirable character and he would not dream of blowing down anybody’s house. The only reason the wolf was on the roof was to fix broken tiles.

3)      The sly pigs little pigs built their houses illegally on the land they even stole the wood and straw from a nearby farm.

After the prosecution the defence replied, their three main points were:

1)      A report from Dr. Quackers said that although the wolf had asthma he was on medication so he could have blown the house down if he so wished.

2)      Mr Barry Barrrrlow gave a statement describing the pure evil in the wolf’s eyes during the attacks and that he had deliberately blown them…not sneezed

3)      How could the pigs have known he would come down the roof? The cauldron of hot water was there to cook their dinner, not kill him!

The jury retired and thought long and hard about whether the pigs were guilty or not guilty. They returned and the tension was unbearable.

Judge Darnell asked the jury if they had reached a verdict, head of the jury, Miss King aged 10 from Wray Common School, replied “yes!”

Judge Darnell then asked “Are the defendents (the 3 pigs) guilty or not guilty?” – it was more silent now than the dead of night. The lawyers and newspaper reporters said eyes fixed on Miss King wondering how the jury had voted. After a pause Miss King replied “Not Gulity”.

The courtroom erupted! Cheers from the defence and Mr Skelton’s newspaper team, whilst the prosecution and Mrs Fine’s newspaper team jeered.

Judge Darnell quickly restored order to the courtroom.

The case is now closed and the pigs are said to be relaxing in a country estate where their cousin Babe lives.

Justice has been served today…. Or has it?

The happy and relieved three pigs after the not guilty verdict.

The three innocent Pigs

Monday 2nd July (2-3pm) at the pig’s brick house the big bad ugly wolf was climbing on the chimney and he jumped in and he got boiled in the steaming hot pot.

The three pigs were going to have vegetable soup for their dinner.  The poor little pigs are in Jail because the police say that they killed the wolf on purpose.

 Did you see anything? Can you help us to free the poor little pigs?                                 

 By Alisha and Nora

Keep Your Chinny Chin Chins Up!

By Marcus and Yandie

On Monday 2nd July between 2-3 pm, the mean, sinister wolf was boiled alive at the third little pigs brick house. 

The evil, hungry wolf blew two houses down. He tried to get into the third pigs house. The wolf came down the chimney but fell into the pot that the pigs are making soup out of instead. The pigs are the victims.

Will the pigs return from jail?

Wake up and smell the bacon!

On Monday 2nd   July between 2-3pm the big bad wolf died after falling into a burning hot caldron. And who do they blame it on the three little pigs. 

The three pigs get accused for the mean wolf’s murder.

The murderous wolf tried to slaughter the pigs.

Eye Witness, Barry Barrrrlow had seen pure evil in the wolf’s eyes and he knew the wolf was a murderer because he had a cup in his and he might have wanted blood. The pigs said that they were minding their own business.

But the wolf was trespassing and they were cooking their soup and suddenly a wolf came plummeting down into their cooking pot the pigs are innocent as you can see.  

Shanyu, Ciaran and Sami

The big bad wolf dies in a cauldron

Pigs are innocent!!!!   

by Lara and Edward


On Monday 2nd of July 2012 the big evil wolf and his evil eyes blew the little honest pigs houses down.  He then climbed down the chimney it was his fault that he died, he had no right to climb down the chimney.


The wolf had no right to break in the house and he should have just gone to the shop.


“I have known all 3 pigs personally since they were piglets. They always worked hard at school and now hold good jobs. They are honest, kind and loving. They would not hurt a fly!”


Big bad wolf gets boiled

These sweet little creatures were put in jail for a suspicious murder of the big evil wolf but no one (except from now) knows their story.

It was the second of July 2012 at around 2-3pm when a scary bad wolf just chased two pigs into their older brothers brick house , the pigs knew they would be safe but they haven’t eaten all day . They decided to cook a pot of soup (which we know because of the peelings). Outside the wolf was climbing up the chimney and once he went down he dropped in a steaming hot pot of soup. We need help to find more proof that these pigs are innocent. Please help them !    

by Cian Edmund and James