Wray Common’s Raspberry Pi – First Try

Wray Common’s first raspberry pi try out


This is the first time we have tried out Wray Common’s raspberry pi!

In the box we have:

  1. Raspberry pi
  2. Micro usb power supply
  3. Clear plastic case
  4. Preloaded sd card
  5. Key board
  6. Hdmi to dvi cable
  7. Monitor
  8. Lots of cables that we don’t really need!
  9. User guide
  10. Scratch programing book

We are going to put the preloaded  sd card in, and we have turned on the monitor. Done! We need to plug in the power supply. We need to plug in the key board and mouse. Done!

photo 1

Now the moment of truth we need to plug in the raspberry pi! Oh dear we forgot to plug in the hdmi! Oh dear again, we plugged  in the hdmi and nothing displayed! So we turned both of them off and on again at the same time (my Dad says this is good IT consultant practice), and it worked!

photo 2

We typed the user name of Pi, and the password of raspberry. Then Startx to start the desktop, a kind of Linux.

photo 3

We’re up and running with Raspberry Pi!

photo 4

By Charlie Hawker, Year 5, Wray Common Primary School