Our Last Days in Africa

Today we visited the giraffe sanctuary near Nairobi.  The giraffes were amazing – so unbelievably tall and graceful.  We were able to stroke them but it was very different from the baby elephants yesterday – their tongues are huge, bigger than my hand!

Tomorrow we are having a chill out day, preparing for our long flight home to the UK on Thursday morning – hopefully it won’t be delayed.  On the way home we are definitely going to try out the games you suggested, and Miss C is going to take Miss Lloyd’s advice and try to go to sleep. I need my hands in working order for when I pick up my luggage at Heathrow airport!

We are tickled pink that so many of you have commented on our blog while we’ve been in Tanzania.  We have loved hearing from you and can’t wait to show you our pictures when we get back to school.  It was wonderful hearing all your Easter messages – we are glad that you enjoyed your Easter Eggs, Lizzie.  Miss C can’t wait to eat her Easter Eggs that her family have (hopefully) been saving for her – we know that they are looking forward to seeing her back home and she loved hearing from them all over the last week.

So many teachers and other staff kept in touch with us – it was so important to get your messages.  Sometimes I felt that I had so many encounters with wild animals just to keep you all amused.  Mrs Travers you have been wonderful commenting on our blogs – with all these things happening to us it’s really important to hear from our friends back in the UK.  We have also enjoyed hearing from Sofie in Year 5 who has been a regular contributor.

We have loved hearing from all of the children who took the time to write to us – you definitely stopped us getting too homesick when our flights were delayed and home seemed a long way away.  Thanks to Sam, Jack, Jonathan, Charlie and Molly in Year 5, Amelia, Annabelle and Lilly in Year 4, Lucy, Edward, Pip, Ella and Emiy in Year 3, Jake and Libby in Year 2, Emma in Year 1, and Bobby and Amie in Reception.  Thanks also to the families who commented – Tilly and Samuel Parker, Dylan and Ben Bradby, Ernest and Ginny Tan and the Williamson family.

Finally, my personal thanks have to go to Jack in Year 3 and Alex in Year 5, and most especially Louis in Year 3 who kept me updated with the footie results – don’t stop them coming in boys, I’m still here for a day or so!

So to everybody, and with special thanks for the help with Swahili before we left to  Emma, Reuben and Alfie,

Kwaheri, sisi walifurahia ziara yetu

Mr S and Miss C

5 thoughts on “Our Last Days in Africa

  1. We have really enjoyed reading your blogs they have entertained the whole family (even the grandprents check the website for updates!!) We are looking forward to you arriving safely back in the UK and can’t wait to see your pictures. Wishing you a safe journey home.

  2. Hi Mr S – I like the photo of you with the Ligamba children which is on their blog. I really like giraffes because they are tall like me! Here is a giraffe joke for you: why was the giraffe late? Because he got stuck in giraffic jam! Hope you have a good journey home and no more animal incidents. I look forward to seeing you at school on Monday. Ella x

  3. Hi what wonderful animals you have seen and then blogged here but it is sad that you will leave because you have had such a wonderful time out in Lagamba school anyway whenever the last day I don’t know but when it is make it a good day

    • You are right Sofie we have had an amazing time. I can’t believe it is over. However, when Tukiko and Johanes come over to meet you all it will be fantastic. Wray Common, Mr S and I will be able to show them the respect and hospitality that they have shown us.
      We learnt so much from them. They will be coming into classes and sharing lots of things with you the same way that Mr S and I did with them.
      Thank you so much for blogging all the way through, it definately helped me to not get home sick.
      Keep up the blogging on the Ligamba blog because the children and teachers would love to hear from you. You will be able to ask them lots of questions too.
      Looking forward to seeing you on Monday.
      Miss C xx

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