Year 6’s visit to Cadogan Hall for Dreamtime Tales

Monday 12th March saw the Year 6 children take a trip to Cadogan Hall in London, to listen and participate in a Classical roadshow about Australia’s origine stories, The Dreamtime Tales.

The children had been preparing for the concert by listening and learning the songs that they would be singing along with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, narrators and a children’s stage choir.

They decided to get into character by designing their own t-shirts using the aboriginal technique of dot painting, which they wore for the performance.

The songs ranged from a sea shanty style telling the story of Captain James Cook’s two year voyage of discovery, where he finally landed at Botany Bay.  There he met the aboriginal peoples inhabiting this new land, as well as discovering new and wonderful wildlife.

The Aborigines shared some of their origine stories about the Rainbow Snake and how the world began.

Our children sang these stories along with the narrators and the instruments of the Royal Philharmonic.  The conductor introduced some of the intruments and told the children to listen out for the calls of exotic birds, created by instruments such as the clarinet, piccalo and oboe.

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