Thursday 17th October 2013




1Today we went to Reigate and Colley Hill! This is what we got up to…We made journey sticks were we stuck nature to our sticks to remind us what we did on our journey. This is what we put on it:

Leaves, bark, feathers, twigs, conkers, rubbings, stones and manyIMG_2582 more.

Also ubove you can see  what a journey stick looks like.

3When we reached Colley Hill wesaw a very rare bird which is called Kestrel. Ubove you can see where Colley Hill is and were we had our amazing LUNCH! Yum!


 We were so tired and hungry when we got to the top of Colley Hill that most of us just sat down and just tucked in our meals.We had a great time up their .

Helped by the Explorers team and the Digital Leardes ,Edmund,Jeban & Subhan 


5 thoughts on “Thursday 17th October 2013

  1. I found the Kestrel quite intresting because it can hover without flapping it’s wings! And the reasan is the uneque shape of the tail fether and wings because it helps it to glid like a kite

  2. Hello Explorers,

    I am really glad you enjoyed today’s trip. It was tiring Jeban, but I think it was worth it. All the explorers were really well behaved and I think we had fun while learning to be map makers.

    Have a good day tomorrow.

    Mrs Travers

  3. Wow guys, I’m so pleased you had such a good time today. Mrs Travers has said what fun you had and told me about your journey sticks. What an amazing view at the top of the hill!

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