Wednesday 16th October 2013

IMG_2509Today at Wray Common, we learnt about maps and journey sticks. Then we had a fantastic splash in the warm swimming pool for a good 1 hour. At 12 we had lunch with all our friends! After lunch we finished of our maps, but some people will finish it on Friday afternoon. Afterwards we helped Mr Hole set up a detective work for the year 2`s. Later we played some teamwork games. Here are some pictures. Please Have A Look!

From The Explorers, Digital Leaders. Edmund,Jeban & Subhan 



9 thoughts on “Wednesday 16th October 2013

  1. Hope you will find lots of interesting things to put on your journey sticks-that sounds like great fun. First time I have heard of journey sticks. Well, you learn something new every day.
    Wishing you good weather and a great day
    Mrs Heimedinger

  2. I really like the sound of these ‘journey sticks’. Hopefully someone will take some photos of you collecting your “treasures” when you go up Reigate Hill. Enjoy your day.

  3. Well done Suban

    You have written a great description of what your journey stick will mean to you on your trip tomorrow up to Reigate Hill.

    I hope that the sticks will then help the Explorers to make maps of our journey when we get back to school.

  4. Hello Jeban

    That was a good effort in describing to Becs what a journey stick is. Can you remember how we will use them to make a linear and route map of our journey when we get back to school?

  5. Hello Explorers!

    I am glad you enjoyed your first day with Mr Hole, Mrs Selby and myself. Well done on writing your blog post today. We did fit a lot in today.

    I am sure the year 2 children really appreciated your help with their writing detective workshop.

    I am looking forward to our walk up to Reigate Hill tomorrow, where we continue our map making learning with our Journey Sticks. I hope it isn’t foggy at the top of the hill tomorrow so we can admire the view and look for some of those geographical features we talked about today.

    See you tomorrow.
    Mrs Travers

  6. The answer to your question Becs Davies , a journey stick is where you have a stick and you find things on your journey and then when you get back you get some string and wrap it around you things that you found to the stick.

    Jeban 6L Digital Learder

  7. well a journey stick is when your going on to like a journey you get this kind of a stick and when your going through woods you will find leafs,sticks from the trees that you might put on your journey stick. It’s actually like a memory when you finds things you put them on the sticks. You might put on a string round it or a tape or a strong pin and you can then show your family and it will remind you about what part you were of your journey. I hope you now know about the cool journey stick.

    From your explorer digital leader: Subhan Qureshi :):):)

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